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A Biodynamic Book of Moons by Dennis Klocek

A Biodynamic Book of Moons by Dennis Klocek

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In Biodynamic Book of Moons Dennis Klocek begins by taking the reader through the rhythms and essential growing tasks of the gardener’s year in poetry and prose evocative of the traditional gardening almanac and illustrated by original drawings and woodcuts by the author.

What then unfolds is a unique exploration into the fundamental laws and living activities of the cosmos at work upon the living world of nature. Through understanding these laws and internalizing them within the soul through direct experience, the gardener can bring their humble work in their own garden into harmony with the cosmic events unfolding above, within, and through them.

For the biodynamic gardener this book is an essential practical gardening companion text. Within the biodynamic literary canon it provides a much needed link to the alchemical worldview while finally offering the student of biodynamics the keys to understanding the philosophical concepts foundational to the biodynamic method.

Any grower who enters the garden with an open heart and enquiring mind will find in these pages fertile ground for new soul impulses to flower and enough contemplative insights to cultivate their own inner garden for many seasons to come.

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