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Clear Aromatic Incense by Sandoval

Clear Aromatic Incense by Sandoval

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Desert roads into distant horizons. Washed out sunsets. Ancient cacti groves. CLEAR is our tribute to expanses — California Mojave, Chihuahuan dunes, wild lavender on the Valensole Plateau. 

CLEAR is made from California native purple sage, organic French lavender and organic desert sage grown in New Mexico. Hand-blended in Los Angeles.

Powdered incense is free from charcoal, chemicals or other resin, resulting in pure, exalted scent that lingers in the air like an unforgettable conversation. Each time you burn a hand-formed ridge, you connect with those who came before you, their incense embers burning low in clay vessels or mollusk shells. Look into the rising smoke — there’s an answer there for you. CLEAR your own way.

How to use: Scoop into a fire-safe vessel, forming into a ridge or mound. Light with a lighter, extinguish, then fan the smoke outward with your hand. 

2 oz. glass jar of ground incense. 100% organic, pure, and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Each jar contains a hand-turned crystal stone to elevate your rituals and is Hand-blended in California.

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