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Connecting Through Touch by Peggy Horan

Connecting Through Touch by Peggy Horan

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Starting with a simple setting that can easily be accomplished with few special preparations, readers will learn, step-by-step, how to make a deep and meaningful connect with their partner's body. Using a combination of strokes from the most time-honored massage traditions, they will learn to be mindful of where their partner holds stress and tension. As the massage continues, readers will enter into a profound nonverbal dialogue with their partner, learning much from the simple act of contact with another body. All of the techniques in Connecting Through Touch, the couples massage book, are illustrated with black-and-white photographs.

Author Peggy Horan is a senior legacy holder of Esalen massage with 50 years of experience both teaching and practicing this work.  She has served in management, helped produce the Esalen Massage video and written a massage book for couples, Connecting Through Touch.
Peggy is also a student  of dance, movement, yoga, meditation and a retired midwife.  Her current mission is to pass on the legacy of Esalen massage to a new generation of teachers from all over the world. 
Author:  Peggy Horan
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