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Deep Liberation by Langston Kahn

Deep Liberation by Langston Kahn

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Drawing on Indigenous wisdom traditions, a shamanic healer offers a body-based approach to working through the fear and trauma that inhibits transformation and growth

To create a world free from oppression, we each have to face the ways that we maintain toxic social systems within ourselves. In indigenous cultures throughout the world, it's understood that true transformation starts in the body with a change of heart.

Shamanic healer Langston Kahn offers the Deep Liberation Process, a body-based approach that allows us to radically transform the range of fear-based stories we each hold in ourselves: from traumatic experiences, internalized oppression, and habitual emotional patterns to the outmoded beliefs that hold us back from healing, transforming, and freeing our authenticity and unique genius. Bridging the shamanic wisdom of ancient spirituality with the needs and demands of modern-day life, Kahn offers concrete skills to cultivate deep grounding, skillful boundaries, and a healthy energy body; methods for authentic shadow work and healing our triggers; and tools for effectively tending personal and collective well-being in community.

Langston Kahn is a Black, Queer, New York City-based shamanic practitioner who specializes in radical human transformation, ancestral healing, and restoring an authentic relationship with our emotions. He stands firmly at the crossroads; his practice is informed by somatic modalities, contemporary shamanic traditions, and initiations into traditions of the African diaspora, and his helping spirits and ancestors weave it all together. Langston gives workshops and lectures internationally, in person and online. He has completed nine years of training with Christina Pratt in the Cycle of Transformation and was one of the first people in thirty years to be selected to be a senior teacher and carry forth the lineage. He has served for five years on the leadership council of the Last Mask Community, a collective of people who are striving to live in alignment with ancient shamanic principles and who are applying these principles in service of personal and collective liberation.

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