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Learning to Love Midlife by Chip Conley

Learning to Love Midlife by Chip Conley

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The midlife crisis is the butt of so many jokes, but this long-derided life stage has an upside. What if we could reframe our thinking about the natural transition of midlife not as a crisis, but as a chrysalis--a time when something profound awakens in us, as we shed our skin, spread our wings, and pollinate our wisdom to the world? Chip Conley offers an alternative narrative to the way we commonly think of our 40s, 50s and 60s. Drawing on the latest social science research, inspiring stories, and timeless wisdom, he reveals 12 reasons why life gets better with age. They include the relief of 'my body doesn't define me' (we finally grow comfortable in our own skin) [and] stepping off the treadmill (we redefine what a successful life looks like)."

At 26, Chip Conley founded what became the second largest boutique hotel brand in America. Twenty-four years later he sold his company and joined Airbnb as the in-house "modern elder" to the three young founders. Today he is CEO of the Modern Elder Academy, with a campus in Baja California Sur and two forthcoming locations in Santa Fe, NM. He is a popular keynote speaker and the author of seven books.

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