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Radical Curiosity by Ken Dychtwald

Radical Curiosity by Ken Dychtwald

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Dr. Ken Dychtwald has dedicated a renowned career to envisioning our potential as we grow up and grow older. Through his books and teaching, he has helped millions of people make sense of today's longevity bonus. Now, in an entirely different kind of book, Dychtwald dives deep to examine his own life in the context of his work, passions, and incredible breadth of experience to show readers his key to a meaningful, masterful and purposeful life: a cyclical process of reflecting, learning and teaching-- that never ends, no matter what stage of life one is at. The result? An approach to taking on challenges, facing frightening moments, soaring to new heights, and cultivating personal growth that Dychtwald calls Radical Curiosity.

Using memoir and storytelling to illustrate a process that is both ambitious and humble, Dychtwald shares experiences not just of success and failure, but of the nuanced spaces between. From his working class roots in New Jersey to the "tuned in, turned on, dropped out" cliffs of Big Sur and the pinnacle of the human potential movement; from launching his company Age Wave and collaborating with presidents to accepting profound personal loss and coming to terms with his own experience with aging, Ken Dychtwald's Radical Curiosity is both a glimpse into a visionary's extraordinary world, and a guide for claiming a powerful vision of one's own. Ultimately, Radical Curiosity is a call to action: asking that we add more purpose, service and empathy to our lives, regardless of age. Hardcover.

All proceeds from this book are being generously donated to Esalen Institute

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